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Adobe InDesign

A project that used Adobe InDesign as a principle production tool. InDesign is best used to create and manage multi-page, text-heavy layouts, but good for either print or digital end-products.

Projects applying this skill

Hand drawn lettering for the Southampton Buddhist Centre
Southampton Buddhist Centre

Hand drawn illustration of a hand holding a length of barbed wire that transforms into a lotus
Buddhist Protest: Buddhafield GEA 2017

Green Tara as Astronaut: a street art influenced twist on the Buddhist female deity
Green Tara, Astronaut: Our Future Dharma

Book cover: There’s More to Dying than Death

Book cover detail
Book cover: Dipa Ma

Book Cover: The Yogi’s Joy

A woman with flowers drawn over her buttocks next to another laughing woman
poster-flyer: Buddhafield Café fundraiser