It's all about me

Artist, Graphic Designer, and Web Developer

Satyadarshin is a compound, Sanskrit word meaning something like “he who sees the truth”. I am a Bristol-based creative professional: a graphic and web designer, and Web developer specialising in WordPress, and an artist-illustrator. Most of my working life has been in the not-for-profit sector, oriented towards social change. I’m expereinced in Web content development, which means help to plan and structure websites, making them navigable, informative and maintainable.

The medium is the message

Not only does this website feature both professional and personal portfolios, it is itself an example of my work. An original WordPress Theme, the site demonstrates a fully responsive layout and the extensive use of tags and categories to organise content. I’m practically always using the site to practise and apply new skills: you can find out where this theme is evolving on its project page.

And it really is all about me

Unless otherwise credited, everything you see on the site was written, designed, illustrated, created, photographed, developed, or programmed by me. I demonstrate how I use the skills routinely at my disposal by tagging each project with the skills that were used to create it. If you’re looking to recruit someone with a particular skill set, pick the relevant keywords from the tag cloud to see examples of their application. This is a demonstration of the key skill I bring: editorial development. I apply principles of clarity, structure, and flexibility to presenting ideas and information. If there’s a project you think I can help you with, please get in touch.

But it’s not all about work, work, work

You can also find out about me and my personal enthusiasms. I have and ongoing set of drawing, painting, and typo/graphic projects. Periodically I make pottery (mostly tableware). I’m a vegan and vegetarian cook, and recent convert to the craft of baking!