Etsy shop: Camilla Hall Studio

Camilla Hall is a jewellery maker, much of it based on porcelain, made at her home studio in Montpelier, Bristol. I recently helped with setting up her CamillaHallStudio Etsy shop by taking the photos she took of her pieces on her iPhone, opening them in Photoshop and doing some adjustments to brightness and sharpness, then […]

Drupal: custom Views style format

If you read that title and you’re immediate reaction was “what, eh?”, trust me, that’s probably the right response. Going in: you need to have good, practical experience with the Drupal CMS and creating Views; you’ve got the point where the default format options — style output as table, grid, or list — don’t fit […]

Phillipe Druillet and the architecture of eternity

Thoughts on buying “The 6 voyages of Lone Sloane”