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Drupal: custom Views style format

If you read that title and you’re immediate reaction was “what, eh?”, trust me, that’s probably the right response. Going in: you need to have good, practical experience with the Drupal CMS and creating Views; you’ve got the point where the default format options — style output as table, grid, or list — don’t fit […]

It’s all about the podcasts

I’ve been spending more time at home focusing on a personal geometric-design project based around triangular frame. In the background I’ve had digital radio, Spotify, and YouTube video essays. Here’s a few highlights from this week. Following the Hawkbinge podcast, my episode this week covered one of my favourite albums, the live Space Ritual. By […]

Macabre toil and trouble

This week’s highlights have featured a trio of comics, an increasing inclination towards podcasts, and Macbeth. Being a creator of obsessively detailed illustrations, unsurprisingly I’m a fan of Geoff Darrow, who I first came across in 1991 via his hyper-violent and darkly funny mini-series Hardboiled. Not having my finger on the comic book pulse, I […]

Pattern recognition

You might not expect that programming and hippie festivals would inform each other much, but what I’ve found is that both are really about people and patterns of behaviour.

Characters .JS drawn graffiti style

Learning JavaScript is not a straight path

Over the years I’ve frequently found that tasks I expect to be tricky can be solved with a single function, whilst ostensibly simple ones end up becoming time-consuming, complicated, and downright frustrating. Here’s one that went full byzantine. In order to get practice with JavaScript‘s native Higher Order array functions, I created a simple project […]

The characters .JS drawn graffiti style.

Learning JS: Higher Order functions

Quality study is always going to benefit from looking at multiple resources on the same topic. In self-directed study, not only do we have to read and work through the tutorial material, we have to seek it out for ourselves. In this loose thread on my JavaScript up-skilling journey, I’m breaking down the sub-topics and […]

Phillipe Druillet and the architecture of eternity

Thoughts on buying “The 6 voyages of Lone Sloane”