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Adfree Cities

Adfree Cities is a campaigning network, challenging the prevalence and veracity of corporate, outdoor advertising, and reclaiming public spaces for art, community, and nature.

This was a project to migrate the content of their Bristol-oriented website, to another WordPress installation, oriented to a national audience. We took a good deal of time to talk over their existing content, specifically their blog, determine what was most valuable, work out a migration plan, and set up an extensive map of permanent (301) redirections.

We talked over how to get the best out of their chosen WordPress theme, including how to work with the inevitable idiosyncrasies. I gave some direction about choosing effective photographs, and writing compelling headlines. I also inserted some custom CSS to address particular layout requirements.

Google Workspace

Google workspace icon set.

Google Workspace features a set of cloud-based, productivity and collaboration tools developed by Google, many of which will be very familiar to anyone who has a personal, free Google account: Gmail, Contacts, Calendar; Drive for storage; and the Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides editors suite. The emphasis is on team collaboration, and Google Workspace adds business-grade features, particularly the capacity to create email accounts under a domain name (e.g., and additional administrative tools, with advanced settings, available under an Admin control panel system.

Project Highlight


This project demonstrates the application of WordPress and Google Workspace. Follow the links to see more projects using these skills.