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Satyadarshin, Creative Professional: Graphic Identity

This is the cornerstone element in the visual identity for my own business and creative practice. It was designed as a branding device for contexts like this website, on social media accounts, and in printed collateral.

The graphic starting point was manned space flight insignia. This an enthusiasm that’s really rather nerdy — the kind of thing one usually only confesses to after a few too many drinks.

I chose a circle to represent a planetary backdrop. The broken up swirls in the capital S could also be seen as cloud swirls, with the rocketship breaking free of the atmosphere. The rocket is based on the vehicle that takes Tintin and his crew to the moon in Hergé’s Destination Moon (Casterman, 1953) and Explorers on the Moon (Casterman, 1954). These two books were amongst of the earliest ones I could actually read and where a huge influence on my artistic tastes.

Being very much of their time, Hergé’s work has a B Movie feel. This is a reminder of the kinds of early-evening film series shown on BBC2 in the 70s. I grew up on some of those (The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951); The Thing from Another World (1951)) and runs of Flash Gordon (1936, 1938, 1940), Buck Rogers (1953), and King of the Rocketmen (1949). Of course the Apollo moon landings were still very much recent news (I was born mere months before Neil Armstrong made his small step), and their mission insignia where themselves a significant graphic statement of the times.

Read as an initial, the S represents my business name, new Buddhist name, and also my birth name. It is a Blackletter typeface, nodding at the dawn of graphic design history, an interest that crept up on me, stealthily, over a period of some years. However, it is actually a contemporary design by one of my typographic heroes, Jonathan Barnbrook. It’s witty name, Sabbath Black, is an obvious reference to the Classic Rock band Black Sabbath. Not only am I a fan of them too (I was very lucky to see the reformed, original band live at the NEC in 1996), but like them, I was also bought up in the orbit of Birmingham.

I wanted my branding to hint at a narrative. Much of my creative life is about story, and in a certain light the graphic content skims over my life story. Without meaning or trying to, I packed a lot in.

About this project
Client Satyadarshin,
Published February 2017
Product PDF and SVG artwork
H: W:
Art direction Satyadarshin Perry
Artwork Satyadarshin Perry
Media Vector drawing in Adobe Illustrator
Photography N/a

Project Highlight

Rocketship branding element for Satyadarshin

Feature element in the graphic identity and branding project for Satyadarshin.


This project demonstrates the application of Typography and Adobe Illustrator. Follow the links to see more projects using these skills.