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Some Wild, Invulnerable Eyrie

This castle structure came about as part of a self-imposed challenge. I realised that, when starting a new drawing, I had a strong compulsion to take a front-facing, eye-level point of view. I particularly wanted to present a breadth of scene and introduce scale and perspective as part of the drama.

Although this nameless place does not exist, elements of the structure kind of do. The tall face — leaving the picture area top right — is based on features found on Exeter Cathedral’s frontage. The structure top left is influenced by Bristol Byzantine (notably the Granary on Welsh Back) and other Victorian architecture around the city centre. The wedge-shaped promontory in the middle ground was inspired by the Cathar Castle of Peyrepertuse, and attached to that you can see a complex, filled-in entrance that was inspired by Petra, Jordan. The colonnade was picked up from photos of Roman ruins in Greece and Turkey. As a whole, this fictional city has been rendered as an accretion of structures that have been built on, over, around, or adapted from whatever was there before, as if no-one could face either deliberate demolition or preservation. To that extent I had Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast in mind, a place stultified by absurd ritual conservatism.


Coloured pencil drawing of a derelict castle-like complex.

Coloured pencil on cartridge paper (2017)

The Spirit of Silence

This drawing is part of a larger comics-influenced project, collectively know as The Spirit of Silence. This drawing is the fourth in a developing series.

Project Highlight


This project demonstrates the application of and Drawing. Follow the links to see more projects using these skills.