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Microsite: Triratna International Gathering

This event microsite is an adjunct to both the The Buddhist Centre and Buddhafield sites. The Triratna International Gathering is a bi-annual event held at Adhisthana Retreat Centre near Ledbury, Herefordshire. It is a combined endeavour between Adhisthana and Buddhafield, who provide the camping and catering infrastructure. Up to 500 people travel from around western Europe for a long weekend of talks, discussion, meditation, and devotional practice. This is the fourth iteration of this project and features a layout that was designed to echo corresponding printed matter.

sample webpage

English language homepage

Project objectives

The site needs to present programme and booking information in five European languages. The public teaching Centres that orient themselves around that language sometimes require slightly different content, so my PHP page factory model consists of subclasses that allow me to override practically every feature of the site if so required. This means that each section can have it’s own, distinctive booking system if so requested (it never has been!).

The layout was designed to be fully responsive. It will re-flow to sit gracefully in whatever browsing context it is loaded, appearing naturally designed to appear that way.

Related projects

The Buddhafield, NLBC, and Emma’s Emporium websites all use iterative adaptations of my own PHP, page factory model. The Tara Astronaut graphic element has it’s own project page.

About this project
Client Triratna Development Team
Published February 2017
Status Defunct
Project lead Satyadarshin Perry
Design Satyadarshin Perry
Graphic elements Satyadarshin Perry
Photography Images copyright and courtesy Suvajra, curated and edited Satyadarshin Perry
Programming Satyadarshin Perry: UI design, front- and back-end; page-template factory

Project Highlight

Green Tara as Astronaut: a street art influenced twist on the Buddhist female deity

In this graphic, Buddhist “deity” Green Tara has been treated to somewhat cheeky street art makeover, graphically manifesting the theme of the 2017 Triratna International Gathering, “Our Future Dharma”.


This project demonstrates the application of Zurb Foundation CSS, HTML5, SASS, PHP, and Responsive Web Design. Follow the links to see more projects using these skills.