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Course-Oriented Booking System: North London Buddhist Centre

The North London Buddhist Centre website is a course-oriented booking system. Designed in collaboration with the NLBC team, it features both an original, customer-facing User Interface (UI) and parallel, Admin back-end UI to manage a database of courses and events.

Project objectives

The NLBC runs an extensive programme of classes, courses, and workshops that need routine management by a non-specialist office team. They need to be able to add, edit, delete, or repeat events with specific parameters and options. The customer-facing pages were required to break event types down into specific, navigable categories. The back-end admin tools needed to be intuitive enough to require minimal training of in-house, volunteer reception. Individual events needed the facility to pay a deposit on advance booking, and for the site to provide a report system for confirmation of payment via PayPal.

The human elements
Client Nalanda Trust
Published January 2016
Status Active. The project receives feature upgrades as directed by the client.
Project lead Satyadarshin Perry
Design Satyadarshin Perry in collaboration with the NLBC team
Photography Images provided by the NLBC, curated and edited Satyadarshin Perry
Graphic elements Some branding elements provided by the NLBC
Programming Satyadarshin Perry: UI design, front- and back-end; page-template factory
Steve Barber: event database design and admin control system

Project Highlight

A man, back to camera, seated in meditation facing a statue of the Buddha

Meditating in the NLBC's Main Shrine Room. Image illustrating the website's Meditation section. Photo © and courtesy NLBC


This project demonstrates the application of CSS HTML5, SASS, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL. Follow the links to see more projects using these skills.