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Buddhafield 2018 Season Programme Poster

A4 landscape poster. Illustrations and hand-drawn lettering by Sophie Wake; Buddhafield logo, Satyadarshin.

Of the images made available to Buddhafield for this project, the implied oval swoop struck me as offering compositional strength. The starkly monumental trees in patchy blacks fit neatly into an A5 ratio and I was therefore able to build a life-death axis with the fey beings, that adds up to an ethereal narrative of transition between the realms of life and death.


I chose the Mrs Eaves font family (Zuzana Liko, Emigre, 1996) for both this and the parallel programme booklet project because of it’s origins in Baskerville. Baskerville’s own origins are in the period just before the emergence of the first Gothic literature, so there was a historical resonance. The stark black and red is a venerable pairing, which contrasts the sanguine with the moody blacks.

Project Highlight

Watercolour illustration by Sophie Wake.


This project demonstrates the application of Typography Adobe InDesign, and Typographic grid. Follow the links to see more projects using these skills.