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Poster-flyer: Buddhafield Café fundraiser

A5 poster-flyer

The inspiration for this poster-flyer was the party game of mixing up heads, bodies, and legs. That was suggested to me by leafing through a book on the work of designer Vaughn Oliver, best know for his album cover artwork for the 4AD music label. The photographs were taken by me at various Buddhafield café events, including the backdrops (the yellow-green texture is the Café’s canvas). The cursive script is a vectored translation of hand lettering by one of the Café team.

Poster: Buddhafield Café fundraiser, alternative one

A5 poster-flyer, alternative one

Poster: Buddhafield Café fundraiser, alternative two

Poster: Buddhafield Café fundraiser, alternative two

Typically, the mercurial photo of the two women proved controversial. They had (for reasons best known only to them) decided to spend the shift working naked apart from their aprons and a dash of dayglo lettering. Green Man festival is a relatively straight, middle class event, and this was met with a certain amount of discomfiture from the clientele, in itself adding to the amusement.


The font family is Dalliance, designed by Frank Heine in 2000 and published by Emigre.

Project Highlight

A woman with flowers drawn over her buttocks next to another laughing woman

Don’t ask.


This project demonstrates the application of Typography Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Photography, and Typographic grid. Follow the links to see more projects using these skills.