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Southampton Buddhist Centre

A4 Poster

Hand drawn lettering in context: a masthead for the Southampton Buddhist Centre. I’ve suggested the Centre’s urban location with street-art influenced, hand-drawn lettering for the masthead. I was asked to think about combining the themes of “urban and gritty but with an element of aspiration and transcendence”.

The Centre was on a tight budget and didn’t have a photographer amongst their community. I briefed a member of the Centre team to take some quick ’n’ dirty smartphone snaps, and with a bit of Photoshop clipping, I used the implied geometry as part of the composition. the angularity is a nod to urban rooftops and foreshortening.

The painting of the Buddha is a clever twist: the Centre was a pub for many years, so the Centre’s trustees commissioned a new “pub sign” to hang outside the building. Previously know as The Plume of Feathers, this motif was included as a trio of peacock feathers — a traditional Indian symbol of opulence — fanning the Buddha.

Printed programme document

Doubled-sided document, A4 folded in three columns. Top, inner face.



The font family used is TheSerif (part of Lucas De Groot’s Thesis super-family).

Project Highlight

Hand drawn lettering for the Southampton Buddhist Centre

Hand drawn masthead for the Southampton Triratna Buddhist Centre. created to illustrate opening weekend fliers, posters, and autumn programme handout.


This project demonstrates the application of Typography Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Typographic grid, and Lettering. Follow the links to see more projects using these skills.