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WordPress plugin: responsive YouTube embed

What the plugin does

Creates a WordPress shortcode [sdog-youtube-embed src=""], where the src attribute is the URL of a YouTube video.

Why the plugin is useful

Copy an embed snippet from under a YouTube video (click Share > Embed), paste that into a WordPress page / post and it won’t be responsive out of the box.

To deal with that, add the shortcode above (into a shortcode block, if you have the new block editor enabled), and paste the URL of the video into its src attribute.

Note: make sure you copy the url with an /embed/ path, e.g. otherwise your browser may throw an error.

The plugin stylesheet will make the resulting HTML responsive. Credit where credit’s due on the CSS.

How users can get started with the plugin

Clone the repo and make whatever changes suit your task. Compress the directory into a ZIP archive and upload via your WordPress installation’s plugins Add New page. Activate, et voilà.

Where users can get help

Could I improve this? Send me a message, or find me on Github.

This is an example of the plugin at work:


This project demonstrates the application of WordPress and Wordpress plugin development. Follow the links to see more projects using these skills.