Web content admin: Seed of Peace

Digital marketing is the broad collection of practices used to reach customers where the Internet is the focal point. It extends beyond internet marketing to include channels like posters and periodicals, which do not require the use of the internet, but point back to a service on it, and often use a computer to generate artwork.

Homepage screen capture, Seed of Peace website
Homepage, Seed of Peace website

Seed of Peace are a Community Interest Company that offer training courses in Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

  • I apply a number of the skills from my consultancy practice, including WordPress admin, editorial development, SEO, picture editing, graphic design (Web graphics, flyers and posters, and training handouts).
  • We’re currently developing a series of video shorts, NVC Life Hacks, which I direct, film, edit, and publish on YouTube.
  • I manage the roll-out of the annual digital marketing strategy, focusing on capturing email sign-ups for our newsletter, developing our email newsletter, blog, and Facebook presence.
  • I work with Google Analytics, Mailchimp reports, and Facebook Insights.

Project Highlight


This project demonstrates the application of WordPress Editorial development, SEO, and Picture editing. Follow the links to see more projects using these skills.