It's all about me

Sorted: bish! bash! bosh!

Inspired by wildstyle and throw-up graffiti in and around Bristol, England. Strictly speaking, wildstyle is intricate and often unreadable, which for a trio of business graphics is a bit counterproductive!

Custom lettering, inspired by wildstyle garffitti
Composite graphic, pencil on paper and painting in Photoshop.

The objective was to treat the three, almost the same, words in radically different ways, basically to symbolize the three different branches of my business’ activity. On my homepage, the three words need to sit neatly and look like a set whether in vertical (smartphone, portrait) or horizontal orientation.

I drew them on paper in coloured pencil, scanned and painted them in Photoshop. I wanted to keep the pencil mark texture as a nod to the spatter effect of a spray can.

Custom lettering, graffitti style
Composite graphic, pencil on paper and painting in Photoshop.

Project Highlight

Custom lettering, detail

Pencil on paper, painted in Photoshop, inspired by throw-up graffiti.


This project demonstrates the application of Adobe Photoshop and Pencil. Follow the links to see more projects using these skills.