Web Content Designer

A Web content designer, administrator, or editor, is the day-to-day manager of a website. Just as many people could do their own accounts, vehicle or building maintenance, but have their distinctive skills to focus on, this is a service for people who really need to be cultivating their core business, not wrangling with HTML. I have extended this service into setting up Google Workspace for clients like Adfree Cities, taking so far as also managing a CRM for FutureDharma Fund.

If you’re a small business, sole-trader, or creative, need an all-rounder to take on the routine admin, let’s have a chat.

There are multiple reasons you could benefit from having a Web Content Admin or Editor. I work with people who:

  • Need a whole website project taking on. You’re a person who knows what they need from a new website: your brief could include me designing and coding it, then taking it on as its routine editor. 
  • Already have a website. Confused by at least one control panel system? Perhaps you need articles edited, with photos curated, cropped and posted alongside? Someone to do the nitty-gritty of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? Do you need events adding? Routine updates to plugins and other core software? Backups keeping? 
  • Have multiple online marketing channels. One or more websites, an Instagram, and Facebook account for example. Need to cross-post, but only have time to copy-paste, resulting in awkward posts that don’t read well if copied straight from a webpage to Facebook post? I can edit your content so it’s meaningful in the medium it’s posted to, ensuring any links work, there’s a clear call to action if required, and get a user to the page they can book or buy with as few steps as possible.  
  • Need coaching or training. If you need help getting to grips with the backend of your website, and you can budget for support, not a regular admin. I’m good for explaining complex topics in accessible terms; I can support or encourage you to make the technical wizardry happen. Maybe it’s just a phone call every so often, or coffee in front of a laptop once in a while.

Curious to know what advice I can offer? Check out my generalised guidelines on improving your webpages and on better curating of photos.

Category page from the V3 Power website.
Screenshot of the homepage of Buddhist teacher Vessantara‘s website.
Screenshot of the database query page of the Gene Drive Monitor website.
Graffiti-style illustration of the slang word bish.

I am also a Web developer and Graphic designer. You can also see the complete Bish! Bash! Bosh! project.