It's all about me

Web developer

As a Web developer, I work with the nuts and bolts that make up a website. The skills I bring to bear are modern HTML, CSS (SASS), and JavaScript (ES6). I’m confident with PHP and in working with MySQL and JSON data. I’m leaning towards Vue.js for the more sophisticated user front-end.

You could commission me to help evaluate the most efficient and cost-effective approaches to meeting your objectives, look at their pros and cons, and work out a roadmap.  

It could be that we install and configure an off-the-shelf system like WordPress, or we conclude that that’s too limiting, and I roll up my sleeves and write some actual code. In the case of a medium or larger scale project, I can recruit a team for their special skills. 

I’m easy to talk to: I specialise in making complex issues accessible and non-techie; there’s no hard-sell and no making your project any more complicated than it needs to be. my knowledge is expanding: I keep up to speed on techincal prc like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Website usability,

I can help create and design an aesthetic for your website, or work with an independent graphic designer to build from their brief.

  • This, my own, portfolio website is an example of an original WordPress Theme.
  • Barcan+Kirby is a WordPress site that features a number of modifications, including the use of custom fields, and a plugin. I was briefed here by Bristol Graphic Design agency, Rumba.
  • The North London Buddhist Centre (NLBC) site is a custom-built CMS, for an event-oriented teaching centre. It’s built with PHP and MySQL, based on a page-building template I designed, programmed in collaboration with a Back-end Developer.
  • Emma’s Emporium is a catalogue website is an advancement on the NLBC project. Here we’re using JSON data files because that approach was easier for the client to manage the display of her stock. It makes extensive use of a custom function to build responsive grid layouts based on the Zurb Foundation front-end framework.