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Adobe Illustrator

A project that used Adobe Illustrator as a principle production tool. Illustrator is a vector image editor. Vectors are also called paths: a start point and an end point defining a shape — angles, curves, and lines — in-between. The resulting paths, or vectors. are describable by mathematical formulas, allowing them to be scaled and rescaled infinitely.

Projects applying this skill

Branding: Buddhafield

Flyer: Seed of Peace, NVC Year Training 2018-19

Seed of Peace: 'needs' graphic
Training Materials: a Mandala of Needs and Feelings

Street art style characters lifetd from Celtic knotwork and Arabic script
Celtic-Arabic Abbreviation: Street Art Initials

Rocketship branding element for Satyadarshin
Satyadarshin, Creative Professional: Graphic Identity

Surreal illustration of a woman, back to canvas, meditating amongst a copse of trees.
Buddhafield Total Immersion Retreat 2015: Poster