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Arts & crafts

Although I actively engage in developing certain craft skills for personal satisfaction, these often inform my professional practice. I go through phases where one craft is getting more attention than the others, but I aim to make progress in all of them, over time. There is frequent cross-fertilisation: documenting street art has influenced my drawing and painting. One day I’d like to be serving my baking on plates I have made myself.

Stone bridge with path running off into woodland
Landscape: Stone Bridge

Street art style characters lifetd from Celtic knotwork and Arabic script
Celtic-Arabic Abbreviation: Street Art Initials

Early morning condensation on the side of a blue van.
Photography: Picture Editor and Curator

Cthulu-like octopid garffiti throw up
Photography: Documenting Street Art

A soft spatula with a floral-culinary pattern
Baking: Let Them Eat Cake

Painting of someone wearing a mud spattered great coat and holding a flint lock carbine,
Character Design: Study of a Mud-Splattered Dog of War

Drawing of the torso of a nude young, seated woman
Life Drawing Class at Café Kino

Blowtorch quick-drying a recently thrown pot