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Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a form of visual communication. I apply the crafts of typography, photography, and illustration. I work with images and text to form visual representations of ideas, often as page layout. Common uses of my graphic design include logos and branding, editorial design (magazines, brochures, and books), wayfinding, marketing, and Web design.

Banner: Buddhafield Shop

Branding: Buddhafield

Buddhafield Festival 2018

Flyer: Seed of Peace, NVC Year Training 2018-19

Seed of Peace: NVC Summerfest 2019

Seed of Peace: 'needs' graphic
Training Materials: a Mandala of Needs and Feelings

Cover detail, Buddhafield Programme brochure 2016
Buddhafield 2016 Programme Brochure

Buddhafield 2016 Season Programme Poster

Watercolour illustration, birds flying from trees
Buddhafield 2018 Programme Brochure

Buddhafield 2018 Season Programme Poster

Hand drawn lettering for the Southampton Buddhist Centre
Southampton Buddhist Centre

Vector illustration for the Buddhafield GEA 2015
Buddhist Activism: Buddhafield GEA 2015