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Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a form of visual communication. I apply the crafts of typography, photography, and illustration. I work with images and text to form visual representations of ideas, often as page layout. Common uses of my graphic design include logos and branding, editorial design (magazines, brochures, and books), wayfinding, marketing, and Web design.

Hand drawn illustration of a hand holding a length of barbed wire that transforms into a lotus
Buddhist Protest: Buddhafield GEA 2017

Green Tara as Astronaut: a street art influenced twist on the Buddhist female deity
Green Tara, Astronaut: Our Future Dharma

Book cover: There’s More to Dying than Death

Book cover detail
Book cover: Dipa Ma

Book Cover: The Yogi’s Joy

A woman with flowers drawn over her buttocks next to another laughing woman
Poster-flyer: Buddhafield Café fundraiser

Rocketship branding element for Satyadarshin
Satyadarshin, Creative Professional: Graphic Identity

Surreal illustration of a woman, back to canvas, meditating amongst a copse of trees.
Buddhafield Total Immersion Retreat 2015: Poster