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2 weeks ago

This is a really engaging (but long) video essay, only partly about why The Beatles actually broke up (spoiler alert: it wasn't Yoko), but really about the effects of fame in a pop-culture oriented world.

3 weeks ago

Not at Glastonbury this year, but I've been listening in mostly via 6Music. However, I've just watched the iPlayer's live feed of the Pyramid Stage and enjoyed bluesman Seasick Steve over my Sunday lunch at the studio. In the quite likely event you don't know of Steve, here's a recent single.

3 weeks ago

I have slightly mixed feelings about the series' comic overtones, because it rather tends to mask the nastiness by making all the Very Bad People out as merely eccentric scamps and rascals. It's arguably a little predictable, and the characters are perhaps a bit too cliched, but it doesn't have pretensions above being what it is: and that's well a tailored bit of skulduggery.

3 weeks ago

The terribly uninformative and somewhat obscure title doesn’t get across that this is actually a pleasantly informative look at the cinematography of Ridley Scott’s “Alien”.

1 month ago

Having heard only good things about it, and despite kaiju not really being my vibe, I was pleased to see this finally land on Netflix, and can confirm that its really good. Actually a great character-driven story, with strong themes of guilt and shame.