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Text & image

In this set of articles, we’re going to look at some general good practices about designing and managing Web content.

Every website, poster or flyer, is a combination of text and images. What I want to focus on here are are the many minor editorial skills you can adopt before you really need a professional. A professional’s services should gain you extra users; I want to help avoid loosing the users you already have.

The best possible outcome will probably require a professional editor, Web developer, photographer, graphic designer, or illustrator, but learning the basics will mean reducing obvious and avoidable mistakes.

Many clients are looking to improve their position in search engine returns, and a lot of what I say here will have a direct impact on that; Google quite explicitly say that improving the user experience, improves the rank they give to a page.

Working with content creators for nearly twenty years, the same sorts of issues come up, many of which are straightforward, if not easy to address.

We’ll look at getting the best out of the photos you have on your hard drive, and how to tell a story with them.